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Trade Storage Limited

Comprehensive storage services

provided by Trade Storage Limited.

It's difficult to make a subject dealing with inanimate objects "exciting". We provide high quality secure storage facilities traditionally for companies involved in the household and office removal business but with a diverse client base extending to engineering companies and multi-nationals. Let us show you a little of our facility.
  • Our main secure stores operate from a former Ministry of Defence facility in Swindon in Wiltshire which links to our transit depot at Wembley in Greater London. Each unit provides 50,000 square feet of space, have no windows, and were designed to be bomb proof on an unlimited budget - take a look at the specification and pictures. No modern business could generate the return on capital that would be required to build space of this quality.

  • London clients can come to our Wembley warehouse and either loose load or use containers (ours or your own). We provide an ordered to-day available tomorrow service and our core business is trade storage. Your vehicles and manpower will not be waiting because our core business is your storage. We can provide archive storage (containers or racking), machinery storage, vehicle storage, traditional loose space storage, palletised storage and or any aspect of handling required.
  • We can offload your ISO containers into containers and have a loading ramp and can offload and store lift-vans. We can provide transport to residence for your crews to provide destination services or your crews can work at our facility. We can introduce you to small businesses and crews already using our facility in their interests and yours.
  • We provide packing materials to avoid your maintaining stocks. We can hold your own materials or provide secure parking - our Swindon location is centrally located to the major conurbations in South East England. Map.
  • Costs. Our core business is storage. Our building is of the highest quality and we are told that our rates are the lowest available. Our 'competitors' dabble in trade storage whilst vying for their customers clients for their removal businesses. We offer long term price guarantees and we have no objection to your buying your own containers with a view to funding your own warehouse.
  • If you require any information please contact us and we will be pleased to deal with any e-mail enquiries you may have or if you would prefer to telephone then call Bob or Linda at our London sales office on 020 8903 9989 or fax them on 020 8795 4841.